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Acetylene Plants

Acetylene Plants are needed for continuous process applications. These are widely useful for chemical industry. The said plants are applicable for the production of ethylene as well as other chemical processes. These have been designed for high yield and boosted efficiency. Acetylene Plants are made from many design principles as well as advanced production practices. Offered plants are incorporated with numerous safety features. They have been made for low building as well as installation costs. These feature generator and other process equipment for advanced functionality. Supplied plants are used to produce popular gas, known as Acetylene, used for both oxy-acetylene welding as well as cutting. 

Acetylene Gas Plants

  • Supply Ability:10 Per Month
  • Feature:High Performance, ECO Friendly, Low Noise, Lower Energy Consumption, High Efficiency, Low Maintenance Cost

Our clients are spread out in a number of countries including Nigeria, bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Egypt, kenya, Indonesia, Yemen, ghana, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libea, Iraq, Iran, uganda, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Peru, Myanmar and Pakistan.